Repairs & Service Michael Lynes Jewellery


At Michael Lynes we are able to do watch repairs both in store and through our watch suppliers. Including batteries right up to full services and restores of classic and modern watches by Seiko and Rotary. Watch repairs done on site such as batteries, link removals and clasp adjustments can be turned around within a few days. For more complex work this would be done by Seiko or Rotary and usually take three to four weeks. You will always be advised of timescale when you bring your watches into the shop.


We have access to an independent re-stringer who has been working with us at Michael Lynes since 2010. These jobs are sent to the workshop via insured post and are normally turned around within a week. The price for this service varies depending on your item and will be quoted upfront of any work being done.


Our engraver has access to machine engraving facilities as well as laser engraving and traditional hand graving those items which cannot be done by machine. In store you will be able to select the font and size of your engraving so you can be assured that on return your engraving will look just as you envisioned. This service takes a minimum of ten days.


With nearly 50 years of experience in the jewellery trade Michael has worked in everything from the workshops to now running a successful businesses. He is able to deal with any questions about repairs be they big or small and give prices almost instantaneously. We have access to a workshop both in Birmingham and a more local one in Berkshire. Michael has been using both of these repairers for a number of years and knows exactly what each workshop specialises in and what limitations of work that can and can’t be done are. As we use highly skilled individuals work can take upwards of two weeks to be completed, however this is to ensure that the quality and end product is guarantee-able and of the highest standard we set ourselves.


Michael is able to do both valuations for probate and insurance purposes. A valuation for insurance is charged at 2.5% of the overall value of the items with a minimum charge of £25. This process takes a few days as all items must be cleaned and prepared so that their true value can be ascertained. For probate valuations the charge is 4% with a minimum charge of £25. Again this process will take a few days to be completed. At Michael Lynes we use the Appraiser software guaranteeing detailed professional valuations at reasonable cost.