Part Exchange Michael Lynes Jewellery
With nearly 50 years experience of purchasing scrap gold and second hand jewellery Michael Lynes is an expert in this area. In addition to offers for immediate payment on any quantity of jewellery or scrap gold we will pay more if we can re-use the goods or if you use all or part of the money for other goods or services from us We are particularly looking for fine quality diamond jewellery including Edwardian and antique jewellery. Offers will usually be made while you wait and you will be able to select goods immediately. We generally offer the highest prices in the area. Offers for goods in part exchange will always be at least 10% above our offer for cash. You will need some form of ID which could include photographic identification. It is best to make an appointment with Michael Lynes . Please telephone 01993 778710 or Email to get the ball rolling

Growing Diamonds

The term growing diamonds refers to the process of people bringing in their previous diamonds, be that engagement ring, pendants or earrings and either re-purposing the stones or using them in part exchange bigger or different styles.

Each year we sell a large number of single stone diamond pendants and earrings. Many customers ask us if we will buy these back in part exchange against larger ones.

We are always happy to buy back these goods in part exchange. Provided a minimum of 50% is added to the original purchase price we will allow the full price that was originally paid. For example, you purchase a pair of single stone diamond earrings for £500 and 2 years later put them in part exchange against a pair at £750 or more and get the full £500 allowance. The only exception to this is if the earrings are badly worn or damaged when a reduction would be made.

In addition we also have a good selection of second hand diamond pendants and earrings that would offer even better value. Why not give Michael Lynes a ring to discuss the options.